Grappone Mazda | Winter 2023 Construction Update

February 24th, 2023 by

Grappone Mazda’s New Dealership Construction on Manchester Street in Concord, NH: Ahead of Schedule

One of the main advantages of the new location is its proximity to I-93, making it easily accessible for people from all over New Hampshire. The new location will also allow for increased inventory, which means more choices when you’re looking for a new or used Mazda.

The new dealership construction is also designed with sustainability in mind. The building will feature energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, as well as a water-efficient landscaping system. The use of sustainable materials and recycling of construction waste will also be implemented in the construction process.

Eckman Construction, a leading construction company in New Hampshire, is responsible for the construction of the new dealership. The company has an excellent reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget. With their expertise and dedication to quality, it’s no surprise that the construction is moving ahead of schedule!




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